When we first started the PaganLink page, as a means of allowing pagans in areas where the WCC does not have a temple to contact like-minded people, we never envisioned it growing as large as it has. A plain HTML page was OK when it was just a short list, but now that there are upwards of 1400 listings, that format really isn't feasible any more.

We've now converted the PaganLink listing into a database using Gossamer Threads Links 2.0 script, and we will soon have it back online in this new, much more powerful format. We're currently working on customizing the script so that it will look more like the contact listing it's supposed to be, and less like the web directory the script was designed to create. When it's done, people listed in the directory will be able to log in and edit their information, indicate whether they are looking for a teacher or group, can teach, or are looking for new members for a group they already have, and add additional description of their interests and requirements.

So check back soon to see the new improved PaganLink!

This page last modified: Friday, September 27, 2002 11:07 PM


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